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Linus Gasser ineiti
Wed Nov 5 14:15:02 CET 2003

On Wednesday 05 November 2003 10:12, Johannes Wilm wrote:
> Debian/stable also has kde2.2 so I don't think it is really meant for been
> used. I believe debian/stable is mostly meant to be sort of a
> museum-version of debian if you want to go back and see how things were
> done 'back in the days'. For servers one should use debian/testing, for
> workstations debian/unstable (or a testing/unstable mix) and for geeks
> debian/experimental should be recommended.

well, I had my server (mail, http, ssh, nfs, cups) under debian/testing, and 
after the second time in one month where I had to correct packages by hand 
because something broke up, I gave up and changed to debian/stable. If there 
really is something I need on the server that is not in debian/stable 
(chkrootkit, samhain, spamassassin), either I turn to www.apt-get.org and 
edit /etc/apt/preferences, or I do apt-get -b source ...
 KDE is more up-to-date from download.kde.org than from debian/unstable 
anyway, so even my workstation (alpha) runs stable ;)

scribus is great!


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