[Scribus] Windows version

Craig Ringer craig
Wed Nov 5 06:06:41 CET 2003

> I've been asked (very nicely) by my employers to try and get a native
> Windows version running under W2K and XP. To that end, they've bought me
> some toys to play with.

Cool, and congrats. I hope the port isn't too painful.

> Unfortunately, as they're paying me to do this, it is probable that a
> binary only version will be available

Is that likely to be an issue? As the source changes will need to go 
into the main project tree, presumably anybody with the right compiler 
and tools could build a win32 binary. Of course, there is the 
qt/not-so-free-on-win32 issue.

 > I have a feeling that they want to make some money out of
> it (which may mean that I will get annoyed and refuse to do it unless a
> good chunk is fed back to the developer team)

Glad to hear you're getting something out of all this work on the 
financial side. It's always handy.

Craig Ringer

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