[Scribus] Scribus imports-II Tif , DCS and SpotColors

Celio Santos celio
Tue Nov 4 18:29:59 CET 2003

Hello Peter ,

Going back to the theme of importing images, I tried to import some TIF and
EPS with Spot Colors , the color names showed up in the color pallete but
not apeared in the preview image as additional colors, everithing was
converted to CMYK, how is going on the support to Special Colors ?
Does SCRIBUS  import TIF additional channeles or we had to use

Regards to ALL of SCRIBUS team .


>Hi Craig,
>On Tue, 2003-11-04 at 01:28, Craig Ringer wrote:
> > > One reason for the ubiquity of EPS files in DTP is there is another DTP
> > > application which historically had poor support for TIFF and
> > It's also still useful when you need a clipping path embedded in an
> > image.
>Forgot about that.. Thanks. You could also do the same thing via PDF.
>However, as I know you are battling poor PDF importing in Quark this is
>not an attractive option.
> > We use EPS images a LOT here for that reason. Does TIFF support
> > embedded clipping paths? I expect that Quark wouldn't be able to use it
> > even if the file format did support it, of course :-(
>Yes, you can, PS > Pagemaker is the only way to get transparency in
>Pagemaker since IIRC PM 5.0 But, it works.. PM 7 can bring in native PSD
>with layers intact....

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