[Scribus] crashing with python

Paul paul
Sat Nov 1 10:13:50 CET 2003


> Another thing that would be helpfull in python would be to have a clear 
> distinction between the content of one single textbox and the content of all 
> linked text boxes. 
> Currently:
> a = GetText(TextBox)
> SetText( a, TextBox)
> will delete any content from all other textboxes that are linked behind the 
> current textbox.

This would be possible as long as textboxes have a name or unique number
ID and an "islinked" parameter which points to the next textbox.

You would therefore need

a = GetText(UniqueTextBoxID)
SetText(a, UniqueTextBoxID, islinked, linkedtonumber)

where islinked is true or false and linkedtonumber is another already
existing number or 0.

It's definately one for the list.



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