[Scribus] crashing with python

Johannes Wilm j
Sat Nov 1 00:57:27 CET 2003

I wouldn't mind if their would be both a way to get the whole "story" and 
another way to just get the text from the particular box. And correspndong to 
that a way to replace the entire story or to replace just the content of the 
current box (which would of course have an influence on other linked text 
frames as well, unless the replacing content has the same length or one does 
some additional ticks about resizing the frame).

-- Johannes Wilm

On Saturday 01 November 2003 00:52, Craig Bradney wrote:
> The issue is that it gets only the text that is currently in the text
> frame, rather than the whole "story". Will see what Paul/Franz say. It
> might be a change to the linking is needed, or to the scripter plugin.
> Craig

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