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Patrick magicpage91
Thu May 29 05:18:55 CEST 2003

On Wed, 28 May 2003 18:47:41 -0400
John Culleton <john at wexfordpress.com> wrote:

> Thanks for your assistance. I fired up the product and tried to insert
> some text. I could not put the product in text insert mode. Must I
> enter text in some other program and then import it into Scribus? Or
> does it have its own built-in text editor? (I think you will
> appreciate the need for a tutorial :=)
> -- 
> John Culleton
> Able Typesetters and Indexers

Glad you made it over from the Gimp list to get more info about Scribus.
 I think as you play with it, you will find it quite useful and capable.

Scribus is much like Ventura Publisher, the Xerox program formally used
on earlier IBM dos and windows.  Much like some of the DTP programs
that were available on the Amiga as well.  As I have not seen Quark in a
very long time, so I cannot say how it operates now.

Scribus requires you to first create a "box" to put things in, a text
box for text and a graphics box for pictures/graphics.  Once you create
your text box on the page, it can be any size you want as you can always
resize it later, then one only needs to click on the text tool(the
cursor icon) and click in the box to begin typing.  Of course, text can
also be imported into the box as well, if you have pretyped data you
want to use.

PageMaker, PageStream and Quark, possibly, now allow you to just
create a page and start typing, after grabbing the text tool.  Some
folks like this method, while others like the "box" method Scribus uses.
 I have used both and really find both useful in different situations,
but the "box" method seems to give the user more flexibility, plus
maintaining the sanity of your text or graphic.

Hope you enjoy learning and using Scribus.


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