[Scribus] Improve rendering of fonts

Magic Page magicpage91
Fri May 23 00:50:47 CEST 2003

Ing. Jozef Sakalos wrote:

>Hi Franz,
>I like scribus very much but there is one thing I do not understand.
>I use XFree86 4.3.0, Xft2, freetype2, good truetype fonts, qt 3.1.2 
>and this gives me really good font rendering with antialiasing in 
>almost all applications.
>Therefore, I do not understand why text in scribus looks so 
>Is my system somehow misconfigured for scribus or is is scribus' 
>native behavior? 
>Do you plan to improve the font rendering?
>Best regards,
>Ing. Jozef Sakalos
>jsakalos at ba.success.sk

I am not noticing that problem here.  The Scribus fonts look
the same as do the rest of the system.  I am using KDE and assume
you are as well?  If you are using Gnome, then it's quite possibly a
problem there.  There are some fonts they recommend to use for display
and I don't remember if in that font package there is a patch or fix for 
It sounds like you have everything installed and up to date, so all your 
should be displaying corrrectly in Scribus too.


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