[Scribus] CVS

Johannes Wilm j
Tue May 13 00:59:13 CEST 2003

On Tuesday 13 May 2003 01:04, Paul wrote:
> Hi,
> > I also have problems with the Makfile.dist
> Try this (works here). Rename your old version of scribus and do a fresh
> checkout from the anoncvs

I did a fresh check out

> > By the way, can the mailinglist not be set to have an automatic reply-to
> > back to the mailinglist? that would mean that one doesn't have to hit
> > "reply all" and thereby send lots of double emails to the original
> > authors...
> That's up to your email client. Personally, under Evolution, I just have
> the mailing lists email address set up so I type scr and that's that. I
> also delete the original posters names (so in the to box, all I have is
> scribus)

Yes, but the point is, that it mailman has an option to put in a "Reply-to" 
header so that everyone who clicks the "Reply" button autamtically sends to 
the mailing list and not the author of the mail. I have experienced the same 
on several other mailing lists. As soon as one puts it in, the number of 
emails being send with the reply-all function drops significantly.

> Paul

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