[Scribus] It lives!!!!

Oliver Keller oli
Mon May 12 16:40:49 CEST 2003


before compiling with my gentoo distro (1.4 rc1)
i had to download newest autoconf/automake _and_ set

export WANT_AUTOCONF_2_5="yes"
export WANT_AUTOMAKE="1.7"

With the current CVS checkin i get:
ozel at bus286:/usr/local/src/scribus-cvs/scribus # make
g++ -O2 -fno-exceptions -fno-check-new -s -o scribus mergedoc.o 
bookpalette.o rc              4.o md5.o cupsoptions.o guidemanager.o 
kimageeffect.o scribuswin.o hyphenator.o               hyphen.o 
hyask.o hnjalloc.o hysettings.o seiten.o fpointarray.o fpoint.o 
annota.              o buttonicon.o javadocs.o selfield.o editor.o 
page.o layers.o polyprops.o mpalet              te.o werktoolb.o 
keymanager.o navigator.o annot.o bookmwin.o cmsprefs.o customfd 
          ialog.o picsearch.o picstatus.o newtemp.o applytemplate.o 
muster.o scfonts_ttf.o               scfonts_encoding.o scrap.o 
scfonts.o frameedit.o spalette.o edit1format.o editf 
ormats.o druck.o colorchart.o util.o cmykcolor.o cmykfw.o 
scribusXml.o linecombo              .o linkbutton.o helpbrowser.o 
mspinbox.o modify.o movepage.o delpages.o inspage.              o 
pdfopts.o tree.o missing.o fontprefs.o fmitem.o align.o serializer.o 
reformdoc              .o docinfo.o mdup.o cpalette.o dcolor.o 
query.o colorm.o vruler.o hruler.o pageb              ack.o 
pageitem.o newfile.o scribusview.o scribusdoc.o scribus.o main.o 
-Wl,--exp              ort-dynamic  -L/usr/X11R6/lib -L/usr/qt/3/lib 
/usr/lib/libfreetype.so -lcups -ll              cms -ldl -ltiff -lm 
-lqt-mt -lpng -lz -lm -lXext -lX11 -lresolv -lSM -lICE -lpth 
       read -lXext -lX11 -lresolv -lnsl
werktoolb.o(.text+0x466b): In function `WerkToolB::slotFontDia()':
: undefined reference to `Fonts_dialogue::Fonts_dialogue[in-charge]()'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[3]: *** [scribus] Fehler 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/src/scribus-cvs/scribus/scribus'
make[2]: *** [all-recursive] Fehler 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/src/scribus-cvs/scribus/scribus'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Fehler 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/src/scribus-cvs/scribus'
make: *** [all] Fehler 2

 >Start make now.
Yeah, can't wait! ;-)

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