[Scribus] more rendering screenshots 2

Johannes Wilm j
Fri May 9 10:34:16 CEST 2003

On Friday 09 May 2003 07:44, Franz Schmid wrote:
> These cut-offs are a Qt-related Problem, which has sometimes problems with
> italic fonts. Are these cut-offs also displayed at 200% ?

that is right, they are gone then. But then the space between the letters 
looks significantly different at 200% and at 100%.

> Anyway they don't interfere the functionality of the App, they are a
> cosmetic Problem. All Docs will print fine with correct letters. Scribus is
> optimized for printing and not for looking excellent on screen.

In many ways wrong display of the document on the screen leads to the 
uernotbeing sureow the print version will look. Yes, te cutt-offs are gonein 
the print version but then the space between the letters is so different from 
both 100% and 200% that the user might not like the result at all. Looking 
correct on the scree is thefore a must.

In this case, when using both real caitalized letters and the rest in sall 
caps, it does print them all the exact same size to a PDF. Thie means that a 
word such as "Hello" appears as "h ello" because the white space is still the 
same bewteen the H and the e.

Johannes Wilm

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