Wish List was Re: [Scribus] Documentation Updates

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Wed May 7 07:39:19 CEST 2003

On Wed, 2003-05-07 at 00:51, Steve Herrick wrote:
> Quoting Peter Linnell <scribusdocs at atlantictechsolutions.com>:
> > Also, some comments on what users feel is missing or could be improved 
> > or is most wanted to be added would also be welcome. I have a quick
> > start guide in PDF form in the works as well. This is intended to be for
> > the first time user - progress on this goes in fits and starts.
> So, then, do people want a common "wish list" area? So far, we have one "maybe."
> As you've seen, I have a long list of wishes, and I've thought of several more
> since then. Is there interest in formalizing this?
> Or were you talking about a wish list for your documentation?

I should have been more specific, in that I was addressing the
documentation specifically. The problem I have, is I am both too close
to Scribus and know it too intuitively, until Franz adds more goodies...
Moreover, I work in IT supporting designers and production folks, so DTP
is something I work with every day. So, what is obvious to me, may not
be for a first time user.

So, as Scribus gets nearer to the magical 1.0, I want to get an idea of
what gaping holes are there, what needs clarification and what people do
like now: I would like some feedback on these issues.

Here is what is in the works / in progress / documentation:

1. A quick start guide / over view PDF for first time users which is
near completion. 90% done. Part 2 is in my head and I know what I want
to do with the next part. 

2. A much more comprehensive view of the vector tools and some concrete
examples. I'll admit vector artwork is not my speciality. I can fix
problems etc and get it to print or PDF, but I am no great artist with
vector art. 10-20% done. 

3. Some samples.. Anyone care to contribute some basic templates like CD
covers, dummied newsletters etc. 

4. SVG Export - I finally got a page together for that and it is nowhere
complete. Started 40-50 % done.

5. Some info on file formats. Not all formats are created equal for
printing vs. screen. 0% done, but I just need to sit down and write it. 

6. More info and examples of java-scripting PDF, which is a huge
feature, but nobody knows it. Scribus in this regard is unmatched by any
application - except the full Adobe Acrobat Suite on Windows. I am a
rookie at javascript. 

7. A pre-press guide for professionals who receive Scribus PDF's. Draft
done and it is viewable at
www.atlantictechsolutions.com/scribusdocs/pdfs/pre-press.pdf   BTW, do
not try to open this with KGhostview in Konqueror. Open it in Acrobat

8. A page with top 10 tips for working with Scribus. I've got a few.  

9. More notes on getting Scribus to run on Win2k - my pet project, but I
think this time with the new KDE-Cygwin 3.1.1 release it is possible to
get Scribus to run just like Linux. The kicker is the screen display is
better than I have ever seen, except when I compiled Scribus on Solaris,
which has licensed Adobe Postscript Display technology. See the screen

10. There has to be a number ten <g>. A primer for using Scribus to
teach DTP (which I think it is excellent, as it has all the tools to 
learn the basics. 

Sorry for the long reply, but I pushed the send button perhaps too
quickly without being clearer. As for the "wish list", I'll let Franz
address that, but I would think feature additions will be few until 1.0
is done. Besides this is a good idea for stability for 1.0, which a lot
of people will use as a reference for code quality.   



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