[Scribus] a quick question

Atlantic Tech Solutions tech
Mon May 5 05:58:45 CEST 2003

On Sun, 2003-05-04 at 20:45, George Hail wrote:
> Ok, I check the qt version, and it is correct, as it should be.  My system 
> is a dual athlon 2000+ MP with an Asus A7m266-d motherboard and 512 Megs DDR 
> 2100.

That is a super setup. Perfect for DTP. the A7M series was quite stable,
if they are not overclocked and run the CPU on the hot side.

Reading along the symptoms indicate to me:

1) Font path problem or a font.dir issue. 

Triple check all the font directories for for a correct fonts.dir and
fonts.scale file. Add the xfree86-utils package if it is not installed
so that ttfmkdir is installed. Have you added a lot of shareware fonts ?

I recommend only - the core web fonts from MS and then after that only 
Type 1 or True Type fonts from well known foundries like Adobe,
Bitstream Monotype etc. You can use the fonts with open office or Star
Office too. Those are all high quality monotype fonts licensed from Agfa
by Sun.

Look here for background info:

Pay special attention to steps 4 and 5. The automatic configuration done
by fontconfig is not enough to setup the fonts.dir and fonts.scale files
for Scribus. You need to manually run step 4 and 5 or you will get font
path errors from the console with Scribus. 

2) Qt problem, which I endured with 3.1.1 until I compiled qt 3.1.2 from
source and replaced the QT setup from Redhat. I saw the same kind of
errors with 3.1.1 and debugging the clipping path errors in 0.9.8 pre
with Franz.  I am much happier because of this as well. 

I got kpackage and a lot of of other programs back which were nullified
in RH 8.0

Hope that helps. 


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