[Scribus] a quick question

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Sun May 4 07:36:46 CEST 2003

On Sun, 2003-05-04 at 01:25, George Hail wrote:
> Thanks for the tip Peter, that seems like it will work well for what I'm 
> attempting.  I am having slight difficulty though.  I can't seem to copy the 
> boxes and paste them into the new document with the latest (Friday) CVS 
> version.  I can select the grouped text boxes and select copy from the menu, 
> but I cannot then select paste (it's  greyed out), and the ctrl-v does not 
> work either.  

Try sending them to the scrap book or using the new import pages File >
Import > Insert Page  I do not know or have tested importing different
page sizes - yet. 

BTW, this trick (File > Import > Insert Page > )fixed a problem with a
doc, where I could not add addtional pages. So, I created a new doc and
imported the old doc. Life on the bleeding edge....

I think Franz and Paul need to give me about a week to catch up with all
the new features and additions. <g> 

> I also have scribus lock up my desktop.  This has only ever 
> occured when after starting scribus, I open a new document.  I have had it 
> happen with the first new document I open after starting the app, and have 
> had it happen when opening a new document after having pereviously opened a 
> couple without any problem.  It locks up Gnome and while I can move the 
> cursor around the screen, nothing responds to keyboard or mouse input.  I'm 
> running Redhat 9 and scribus version 0.9.10 Build-ID:  20:27:22 May 2 2003 
> F-C-C-T.

But does the destkop return to usability ?

Launching Scribus is now a more complex issue, as it resets the font
path on the fly, for good reasons I might add.. Starting a DTP is more
than starting a console...  Scribus is actually well behaved. Try
illustrator on a machine with 600 fonts.


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