[Scribus] System size?

Sjoerd Hiemstra shiems.scribusML
Sat May 3 11:51:43 CEST 2003

> James Hatridge:
> > It took my system 3 hours to compile Scribus from the source, is
> > this normal? 
> > BTW I'm running a PI 233mhz using SuSE 8.1, what size do you all
> > suggest? Is mine enough? The reason I ask is that now when I try to
> > run Scribus it's so slow I can do nothing at all with it.
> I'd suggest getting hold of a newer machine more than anything - a
> P233 really is archaic. Scribus will still work, but it will be slow.

still running a P166 here, with 64 MB Ram, on SuSE 7.1.
Scribus compiles in half an hour, and runs fine on it.
A compile time of 3 hours seems strange to me.
The only small issue is that if the text in a text box gets longer, it
takes some time for the screen to rebuild after every character you
type. This phenomenon has been mentioned before in this list.
So I use some text editor to type a long text, then import it.


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