[Scribus] System size?

Paul paulf.johnson
Fri May 2 21:46:05 CEST 2003


> First Post to this list <G>.

Welcome :-)

> It took my system 3 hours to compile Scribus from the source, is this normal? 

It depends on your machine.

> BTW I'm running a PI 233mhz using SuSE 8.1, what size do you all suggest?

Eep! Now I can see why it take 3 hours to compile! I compile on a
Celeron 1.7GHz box with 3/4Gb memory and RedHat 9 and it takes about 7
minutes here. I also compile it on my 1.3GHz Celeron laptop and it takes
about 15 minutes from scratch.

> Is 
> mine enough? The reason I ask is that now when I try to run Scribus it's so 
> slow I can do nothing at all with it. It remembers me of running Netscrape on 
> my old 486/33.

I'd suggest getting hold of a newer machine more than anything - a P233
really is archaic. Scribus will still work, but it will be slow. In
part, that is down to the dependancy on Qt (which is slow anyway), but
it will really be down to the box you're running it on. Sorry.



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