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PFJ paulf.johnson
Fri May 2 14:12:07 CEST 2003


> > When I started working on changes for Scribus, I spent a good while
> > fixing code so that it was proper C++ rather than C in a C++ shell (a
> > great example of this is casting). Many don't realise how important
> > using C++ casting is.
> Hmm, I thought I know something about c++ and oo-programming. But it seems I'm 
> lacking an important part here - what is c++ casting?

C casts in C++ are not a good idea and the C++ compiler doesn't always
optimise them correctly as well (plus they cause problems). C++ casts
are reliable as you know what you're getting and more over, the compiler
gets the right. If you're using C++, always use C++ casts.

Instead of

int foo = 4;
float f = (float)foo * 3.1415;

you use

int foo = 4;
float f = static_cast<float>(foo) * 3.1415;

Okay, there is more to the casting argument than what I've said, but I
can't remember all of them - suffice to say, use the correct casting for
the language :-)

In a similar way, while it's okay to use m(c)alloc/free, new and delete
are far better when using C++



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