[Scribus] problems re-loading documents

Paul paulf.johnson
Thu May 1 22:36:58 CEST 2003


> I am using scribus 0.9.9, qt-3.0.3, redhat-7.3. I'm
> having quite a bit of trouble re-loading documents
> that I save. Most of the time text boxes will re-load
> with a dashed line from top left to bottom right
> instead of showing text. If I resize the text box, the
> text will re-appear. If I save at this point it
> reliably will re-load with the diagonal dashed line
> instead of text.

I used to have that problem as well. It looks like a qt bug. Have you
downloaded the latest tarball (not from the offical website)?

> Scribus is great software! Thanks!

It is rather spiffing ;-)



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