[Scribus] Command line interface?

Paul L. Tomlinson pault
Thu May 1 22:07:14 CEST 2003

With or without the scripting plug-in, what command line options are
available for launching Scribus?  It's easy to specify the document the
launch, but I haven't found any documentation which even includes a
reference to *that* feature.

I'm interested in using Scribus as the initial management tool and PDF
rendering engine for on-the-fly dynamic (changing text and graphical
elements) PDF generation for printing and/or downloading.  Such integration
should be possible without ever even loading the program's GUI - pass it
parameters to open a document, render to PDF at location X with specified
options and close.

My only other option for this right now is (La)TeX which leaves a great deal
to be desired for exact position management and such which Scribus gets


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