[Scribus] Better Font Handling -- Any thoughts on this...

Mark Muller m.muller
Fri Mar 28 15:31:13 CET 2003

Just been rummaging around the 'net and found some interesting info regarding 
typographic display systems for 'nix


"Standard Type Services Framework (STSF) is a portable open-source software 
framework for rendering typographically sophisticated text. STSF is font 
technology neutral. It supports all features of TrueType, Type1, TrueType GX 
and OpenType and provides a consistent name space to applications. 
STSF is platform neutral. It has a porting layer that can be integrated with 
any imaging framework including, for example, the X Window System, Java2 SE 
Java2D, and Star/OpenOffice. STSF supports bitmap or vector image data 
formats. It communicates with any host graphics systems by means of a set of 
callback functions. The STSF architecture permits great flexibility in the X 
STSF was developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. and made available for the open 
source community under the BSD license."

Looks to be a very nice system for implementing better Font rendering under X. 
I have downloaded the current source's and will install to see if any better 
results can be had than those found using the native rendering under X. 
Although I think that it needsto be support compiled into the App that is to 
use its capabilities which is well beyond my skills...  Franz/Paul  !?!  :)


Mark Muller

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