[Scribus] Wishlist :: Part 2

Mark Muller m.muller
Fri Mar 28 14:03:47 CET 2003

More wishes from the UK...

1. How about trapping abilities aka Quark. I know most traps are set by the 
RIP (Trapwise/Full Auto Frames etc) these days but sometimes quark's are very 
useful for setting trap only to specific characters in a word for example. 

2. How about Colour combining -- See Indesign 2 for an incredibly useful 
implementation of this with its Ink Manager prior to EPS/PDF/Print output

3. Tabs -- I know everyone wants these - so do I !! :)

4. Not sure if its in yet or not, but how about something similar to Quarks 
Rules Above/Below -- incredibly handy feature.

5. Linked Text boxes ?? Are they in or still being developed ? 


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