[Scribus] Wishlist...

Paul paulf.johnson
Thu Mar 27 22:37:23 CET 2003


> 1. 100% reliable font rendering - could be Xfree86 but maybe like Oo you could 
> do your own rendering ?

The rendering code for OOo is a nightmare! I have a feeling that
XFree86's next version has revisited the whole text rendering problem.

> 3. Ability to import Quark/Indesign files from a Mac or PC !! then we really 
> could use Scribus in a production enviroment and blow open the whole DTP 
> industry with a low cost - NIL - DTP package.

Lovely idea. Only problem is that the Quark file format is not easy to
figure out (from memory). While the text is simple to dig out, the
formatting isn't.

> slowly they are getting the 
> idea with their servers but soon maybe I will be able to encourage them into 
> Open Source software for the mainstream work ??

Don't see why they shouldn't already. Open source is *the* way forward.
If dolts the size of governments can see through the crap M$ put their
way, big business will follow. Currently, the biggest reason for folks
not swapping to the far superior OOo is down to it not having the work
"Microsoft" infront of it - sad but true.



Tired of bloated software which gobbles up your system resources?
Bored of hearing your harddrive being thrashed by inefficient code?
Feel like tearing your hair out when you see a blue screen of death?
Then why not come over from the darkside, and become one of the ever
increasing number of people using Linux - it's free, it's open,
it's easier to use than Windows and more reliable as well.

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