[Scribus] Wishlist...

Mark Muller m.muller
Thu Mar 27 21:46:36 CET 2003

Here goes most important for design/repro first...

1. 100% reliable font rendering - could be Xfree86 but maybe like Oo you could 
do your own rendering ?

2. Bleed & Cropmarks ? How can anyone work without Bleed and cropmarks ?

3. Ability to import Quark/Indesign files from a Mac or PC !! then we really 
could use Scribus in a production enviroment and blow open the whole DTP 
industry with a low cost - NIL - DTP package.

4. Ability to output separations to High end Printers. Brisque, Trueflow etc.

5. Constrant of certain tools, Line tool for example 
6. Smaller rulers -- current ones are ugly !! :) although I do appreciate 

7. Better Toolbox - Adobe have cracked it with the Indesign tools even quark's 
is nicer. smaller icons etc.

8. Better 'crawling ants' Current red ones look a bit cheap and cheerful - no 

9. Hehe - 'Drop Shadow with Transparency plugin'  - only hoping !!

erm. there are probably a few more I will post when I get more time. Just go 
back from work - commercial printers in the UK - would love to see this go 
into a production enviroment. I have been banging on about Linux at various 
repro/print companies for two or three years, slowly they are getting the 
idea with their servers but soon maybe I will be able to encourage them into 
Open Source software for the mainstream work ??


Mark Muller


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