[Scribus] Re: Scribus Nachrichtensammlung, Band 1, Eintrag 29

Simon Korenjak simon.korenjak
Tue Mar 25 12:59:05 CET 2003

 > > So maybe a small feature request:
 > > if an italic-font exists for a font where style italic has been 
 > > replace the font by it's italic brother
 > Then Scribus would be the first programme with this feature. That would
 > be quite cool!

I'm afraid I've seen something similar in PageMaker 6.5. It had "B" and 
"I" button and if there was no such member in selected font family the 
program generated it somehow. On the screen the generated font looked 
okay, however, what came out of the printshop was rather bad ...

IMHO the best solution is the way InDesign does it: first you select 
font faimily and then (if you want) the specific member (default is eg. 
Normal. On the list are only available ones, of-course.)


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