[Scribus] cvs bugs

Matthias in der Weide idw
Tue Mar 25 09:50:39 CET 2003


Now I'll try it in english:

> ok, I can accept to use "Arial Medium Italic" instead of "Arial Medium"
> with style "Italic", but for many people, this will bring about confusion:
> most people are used to word-processors (kword, soffice, MS Word) and
> there you select "Arial Medium" with style "Italic". 

This ist the main difference between DTP- and Office. And it's of course
a difference between True Type-Fonts und Type1-Fonts.

It is not a problem of scribus, that you can't transform "Arial" in
"Arial Italic" (or every other Fontstyle) by clicking on a style button
like "italic" or "bold". I had the same problem in every other DTP-tool
like Adobe Pagemaker 7.0 too, especially when I created a document for
offset-printing, but even when I created a document for printing on a

Over the years I've learned, that I have to use the *right* font in the
*right* style. That's DTP :)

> So maybe a small feature request:
> if an italic-font exists for a font where style italic has been choosen,
> replace the font by it's italic brother

Then Scribus would be the first programme with this feature. That would
be quite cool!

> if the result of an operation (like this italic-style on a regular font)
> is known to cause unexpected pdf output, display a warning on screen (but
> this one is probably much more difficult to implement)

Or something like the auto-check-tool in InDesign2.0? But this feature
is on my Scribus wishlist not earlier then for the 3.x-version ;-)

Have a nice day


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