[Scribus] Wishlist

Michael Below mbelow
Mon Mar 24 19:42:33 CET 2003

Paul <paulf.johnson at ukonline.co.uk> writes:

> If you want something, mail it here with a decent description of what
> you'd like and we'll add it to the list. This list will be held in the
> main scribus root directory.

I think what scribus needs most urgently is:

- more stability (esp. complex documents lead to crashes)
- usable zoom (right now I'm working at 100% view all the time)
- better editing abilities for text: longer text needs a long time to
             be re-drawn after each change. Also, it seems to be impossible
             to change the text features in a whole chain of
             interlocked frames at once. Plus, white on black is not well
             supported (editing background should be the opposite
             colour of the text, right now it's always white)

It would be nice to have also:

- An ability to add outlines to letters (like: black letter, white
             outline around it, esp. for noisy backgrounds)
- non-rectangular text/image boxes
- some effects like fading "spotlight" circles
- a possibility to make "Hilfslinien" (don't know the english word)
             appear above everything. Right now they disappear behind
- more flexible text import, e.g. for formatted plain text

I don't have very much scribus experience, so i would be glad to hear
that I'm wrong and these features are already there...

And: Thank you for your work!


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