[Scribus] bug and feature request

Franz Schmid Franz.Schmid
Sun Mar 23 19:15:12 CET 2003

Franky Van Liedekerke wrote:

> Now about the bug: when you have an image (gif) with transparency, the
> image shows just fine in scribus (white or gray or blue background as
> expected etc..) but when you create a pdf of this, the background of the
> image is turned to black (the default I guess) and the image is inverted,
> so it's not a pretty sight any more. So far the only solution is to edit
> the image in gimp and make the background color the one I want,
> eliminating transparency.

I know gif's with transparency are not working properly in PDF. But I really
don't recommend using them because of the patent issues and also their poor
quality in general. Qt doesn't use the gif Format until you say so when

I always use png or jpg for Images on the web. Much nicher and free. Don't
support patented technologies.

Best Regards
Franz Schmid

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