[Scribus] bug and feature request

Paul paulf.johnson
Sun Mar 23 17:12:26 CET 2003


> Now about the bug: when you have an image (gif) with transparency, the
> image shows just fine in scribus (white or gray or blue background as
> expected etc..) but when you create a pdf of this, the background of the
> image is turned to black (the default I guess) and the image is inverted

I'm not actually sure that that is a bug in scribus as I've seen this
happen with a large number of applications which have gifs which utilise
a transparency. Personally, I would avoid using gifs if you can as a few
weeks back those lovely folks from Compuserve (or whoever now own them)
won an extension to be able to obtain royalties from anyone using gifs.
PNGs and JPGs are far nicer to manipulate ;-)



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