[Scribus] Re: slow textbox on low resource system

andreas schalk andreasschalk
Fri Mar 21 10:47:39 CET 2003

Es schrieb Paul:
> Hi,
> > I'm using Linux (Mandrake 8.1 with updates) on an
> > Pentium 200 / 96 MB RAM system.
> > Currently I've scribus 0.9.6 (precompiled Pack  from
> > rpmfind.net)installed.
> >
> > When I've a textbox with more than ~10 lines, on every
> > mouse-action or while typing new text into the box,
> > tho whole text is rewritten again and again on the
> > screen.
> AIUI, text is handled by Qt rather than by Scribus. Which version of Qt
> are you using and which desktop manager are you using? I've tested
> 0.9.8pre2 (my dev version from CVS) under RH 8 on a really low end
> machine (486-30 laptop to be exact) and while it takes about 20 minutes
> for X to fire up, I've not noticed any great problems with text redraw.
Thank you Paul for your reply from wednesday.
Now I'm using Qt 3.1.  The precompiled scribus needs this, it did not
work with 3.0.5. (paralell Qt 2.3 is installed)
My WM is now XFCE. (before: IceWM; KDE 2 is also installed) 
My swap space is 96 MB on a second harddrive, which is a bit slower than
the first one.

The behaviour of scribus, i described in my prev. mail (slow text
redraw) i know from all the versions of scribus i tested before ( 0.5.x
0.6.x 0.7.x ). 

By now i'm waiting for the next release of Mandrake (9.1) in a few
weeks, to make a new installation,

or do you think RH 8 would be better for me? 

Andreas Schalk

> > Does Scribus render text on screen so much different
> > than other Apps. like StarOffice or AbiWord?
> Yes, it uses Qt. OOo uses it's own system as does AbiWord.
> Enable a larger swap area as well as increasing the amount of memory in
> your machine may help.
> > Or is just my system too slow for scribus? :-(
> As I say, it should be okay, borderline, but okay.
> Paul
> (who spent the night messing with a HTML importer/exporter)

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