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T-MAN t_man
Wed Mar 19 00:33:36 CET 2003

Sorry, I has been under Corel infulence and his converting text to curves. 
Will be support for type ISO-8859-2 characters in Scribus version 0.9.8?


Dne st 19. b?ezen 2003 00:08 jste napsal(a):
> Hi,
> > Thank you. Anymore I have one question. When I want convert text box with
> > text to polygons or picture frame, text disappear. It's implemented
> > converting text to polygons, picture frames and curves?
> This is from memory from something I learned about over 10 years back.
> Fonts are basically minature line drawings with various kerns. So going
> from a picture to text is not difficult (you create an image and convert
> it to a solid one piece image - the kerns and breakpoints etc are lost).
> However, going from text to a picture poses all sorts of problems.
> It is not suprising that the text vanishes. What is happening is that
> the border is converted to another form - the contents are no longer of
> the correct "type" to fit in it. The text has not been lost, if you
> convert the box back to a text box, you will see the text. Hmm, I wonder
> if that can be altered...
> Paul

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