[Scribus] a few small suggestions and questions

Paul paulf.johnson
Sun Mar 16 12:28:59 CET 2003


> 2) the possibility of having 0.0 mm line width for rectangles and ovals.
> right now, 0.1 mm is the lowest possible width

That should be possible (I don't think Qt limits the line width).
Failing that, the line colour could be set to none and that would (in
effect) do the same.

> these are just suggestions and before somebody jumps in saying "do them
> yourself", let me say i'm not a programmer and i fully appreciate what
> franz the developer has done. 

Definately - I'm amazed how powerful Scribus is. I don't think I've
covered everything yet and I've been using it since 0.7!

> 1) is 0.9.8pre available for public download? 

I have a feeling that 0.9.8pre is a selected bod download for those
brave enough to use a beta. I'm not sure when a next point release will
be made though. Franz - any comment?


Tired of bloated software which gobbles up your system resources?
Bored of hearing your harddrive being thrashed by inefficient code?
Feel like tearing your hair out when you see a blue screen of death?
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increasing number of people using Linux - it's free, it's open,
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