[Scribus] a few small suggestions and questions

Subash Jeyan nsjeyan
Sun Mar 16 06:30:19 CET 2003


while i am aware that much effort has gone into scribus' colour
management and pdf capabilities, it'd be nice to have these small (?)

1) line border for text boxes

2) the possibility of having 0.0 mm line width for rectangles and ovals.
right now, 0.1 mm is the lowest possible width

3) having drop caps in the measurements menu along with bold,
italics etc. which can be defined in the

4) defining column numbers and gutter width in the modify text frame

these are just suggestions and before somebody jumps in saying "do them
yourself", let me say i'm not a programmer and i fully appreciate what
franz the developer has done. 

a few questions:

1) is 0.9.8pre available for public download? 

2) has anyone managed to get the lcms profilers working on a mdk 9
system? i understand it has to do with setting the qt lib paths in the
makefiles, but i haven't been able to do it and i'd appreciate help if
anyone has done it.

regards, subash.

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