[Scribus] KDE 3.1 and QT 3.1.1 packages for RH 8.0 / 7.3 users

Robert Rockers rpm
Mon Mar 10 15:14:13 CET 2003

While we are on the topic of packages... I keep a scribus build for my work 
(its a must have for our desktop workstations) on our current systems.  If 
you have Redhat 8 you can download the current version of scribus at:


make sure you download the English documentation, the svg exporter, and the 
scripter too.  Hope this is useful for someone.


On Sunday 09 March 2003 12:21, P Linnell wrote:
> Hello all,
> For RH 8.0 and 7.3 users on the list, you might find these packages
> quite helpful: http://kde-redhat.sourceforge.net/ is a repackaging of
> KDE 3.0.5 and/or 3.1. which is more faithful to the original KDE
> sources, than the heavily patched RH versions.
> Please note, the KDE 3.1 packages are labeled test and final packages
> are expected anytime soon.
> I can say, after letting my machine compile KDE 3.1 and QT 3.1.1 from
> scratch for 14+ hours, this is a *much* less painful way to get KDE 3.1
> on RH 8.0.
> I installed the whole set including the development libraries and
> mosfet's Liquid Theme for KDE 3.1. I am *very* pleased with the quality
> and the very clean installation. Since Thursday I have been using these
> with Scribus and these packages seem to be more stable and cause fewer
> problems for Scribus than the ones from RH. They also eliminate the
> annoying "extras" menu.
> Again, these are test packages, but you may want to wait for the final
> releases, but you might find these useful.
> Peter

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