[Scribus] Problem with Template Application

Oliver Keller oli
Sat Mar 8 04:09:14 CET 2003

Franky Van Liedekerke schrieb:
> I already mentioned this in a private message to the developer. I know what
> you mean: create a template that contains eg. an object with the correct font
> for page numbering. Aplying this to each page and just change the number
> would be great.
> But for the moment it's like this: templates are fixed, nothing can be
> changed about them. I would like to see it different as well, but this is up
> to the developer.

My idea is - and was like about a year ago, when i told it Franz (Hi 
there :) - that items comming from template pages should have a special 
property like "locked". When this property is disabled ("unlocked") for 
the first time the objects, originaly comming from a template page, 
won't be affected by changes on the template page anymore.

But i don't wan't to start another request here. I'm currently learning 
C and maybe one day i'm even scilled enough to get my on hands on those 
parts of the scribus code. I would be glad to contribute to this project...

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