[Scribus] missing preference pane and pdf plugin

WR gen2
Thu Mar 6 14:27:02 CET 2003


I'm not sure what sort of problem I'm having, whether it's the ebuild
script (gentoo) or something I failed to include; Scribus compiles fine,
launches, everything seems to work, except that nothing appears after I
try to invoke the main preference pane. Attempting to print to PDF
creates a segfault/crash which strace seems to indicate is related to
missing plugin. There is no previous (like v .8) scribus install.
Also there are no alt-key availabilities for drop-down menus.

Seems like I'm missing some dependencies, perhaps...

running qt3.1, kde3.1

Thanks for any advice
Scribus is looking like a perfect Quark-Killer!


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