[Scribus] Feature request

Morsekids at aol.com Morsekids
Thu Mar 6 23:38:50 CET 2003

Is this where I send a message to respond to the mailing list to be sent to 
everyone (either one of these)? I hope so. I am going to be publishing a 
rural newspaper (professional use, for those who wondered if anybody did) and 
I was wondering if it will handle everything I need. I need odd font point 
sizes like 9pt and paragraph indent by Returns. I also need resizable text 
and image boxes, object rotation, and custom page sizes. I understand most of 
this is probably covered, but I haven't gotten RH 8.0 yet to try it out on. 
It will be in next week. I will need TIFF imports also, and I was wondering 
if it will export in InDesign format? The format is probably not necessary. 

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