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Brian J. Murrell 025a5c247fb08429d050290446f4e3e5
Mon Mar 3 19:02:48 CET 2003


I am using Scribus 0.9.7.  I am creating a form that can be filled in
and printed on top of a pre-printed form (i.e. paper that goes in the
printer already has form structure on it -- I am just filling it in).
As such I am simply placing a bunch of text boxes in specific places
where the user can type into.

I want to modify the text size in the boxes though, and the default
seems to be 12pt.  When I change the text to 10pt however, the
linespacing does not change.  I get a 10pt font in a 12pt space --
lots of whitespace between lines.

I could not find anywhere to alter the linespacing of text except as a
property of the Edit->Styles... menu item.  So I created a style with
10pt font and 10pt linespacing.  Now how do I specify that my text be
that style that I just created?


Brian J. Murrell
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