[Scribus] Greetings

Franz Schmid Franz.Schmid
Mon Mar 3 19:50:33 CET 2003

Hi Folks,

Greetings to everyone who has joined the List, I'm glad
that this List found so much Acceptance.

Instead of answering every Question of the last 2 Days
in a seperate Mail I'm doing this in one go.

Bryan J. Smith asked:
  >BTW, what distro is Scribus largely developed on?  Debian?
Scribus is developed on a SuSE 7.0 with several updates of
QT, KDE and other things. When SuSE 8.2 comes out will up-
grade to this because of the new GCC and XFree.

Qwen <oc at webone.com.au> asked:
  >Is this where bugs should be reported?
It's adviseable to report Bugs to the List, there is always
a chance the get Help from others on the List.

Martin Grohman reported this:
 >I like Scribus, but for a  long time I don? know how to solve two
 >problems with Scribus under mdk 9.
 >First is that I cannot type national characters like When I type
 >nothing happens. But when I import text with these czech national
 >characters its displaying corectly. I  have tried to export LANG=cs_CZ
 >... etc, but nothing has worked for me under mdk 9 untill now.
That's surprisingly a Mandrake only problem, maybe it's corrected in
Version 0.9.8, but I don't now why this problem arises.

 >The second problem is exporting PDF that can be corectly displayed only
 >in ggv.  Acrobat 5 under linux or under windows ends displaying PDF
 >created in Scribus with error message: Bad font object or font
 >descriptor object.
This is corrected in Version 0.9.8, Trolltech has changed something
in QTextstream that causes incorrect behaviour with UNIX Lineends.

Petr Vanik wrote:
 >and I've lost "national characters" when I try to reopen
 >the scd.gz file. see:
I'm working on that issue, the latest Qt-3.1.1 introduces also
some strange behavior with the European Euro Symbol. I can insert
it with the "Insert Special" Dialog, but I can't type it in directly.

 >let's hope there is franz subsribed into this list...
Of Course I'm subscribed to this List, otherwise it wouldn't make
any sense.

That's all for the moment now. I hope that the Discussion will be
worthy for everyone.

Once again, Greetings to all,
Franz Schmid

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