[Scribus] Scribus Filename version ...

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando gorlando
Wed Mar 12 14:31:52 CET 2003

Ashley Gittins wrote:

>I personally would object to such a change, as the scr extension is also used 
>for Sun Raster files, Windows Screensavers, Faxview Faxes, Procomm Plus 
>Screen Snapshot Files (procomm is being open-sourced now, so is likely to 
>show up in the linux world before long), LocoScript Screen Fonts and various 
>scripting applications.
>Most corporate email servers are already likely to block any *.scr attachments 
>due to scripting vulnerabilities in certain people's email clients, so that 
>would work against it as well.
>Are you referring to StarCalc the planetarium software
Yes. This is.

Actually I fix: "scr". May be also "scb".

>, or StarOffice's 
>Spreadsheet module? OpenOffice.org now uses the sxc extension for native 
I now that ... but there are a lot of people still using StarCalc.

>It is possible that the next StarOffice (if indeed they 
>continue releasing new versions) may follow suit. That is pure speculation of 
>course ;-)
>At any rate, for those of us already using Scribus, modifying the default 
>extension is probably not to be considered a "simple change". I don't 
>personally feel that this is a substantial enough reason to change the file 
>extensions at this point in the game. However, that call of course is Franz' 
>to make.
Because GPL, thanks to God everyone may do what they prefer.

I will re-evaluate the decision again to change or not the extension 
type, but from a primary analysis
this change must be made.

In any case, scribus is NOT complaint to our FTGUIX standard and therefore
we need to modify the source in depth.

This will open a new branch of development.

I simply comment here to avoid it so, everyone may get benefits from a 
single effort.




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