[Scribus] qt problem - work-around found

Allen Crider allen
Mon Jun 30 22:36:57 CEST 2003

On Monday 30 June 2003 13:13, Steve Herrick wrote:
> Okay, I resolved the problem using ./configure -with-qt-dir=DIR, which I
> only found by reading configure itself.
> This is not an emergency for me any more, but it remains an issue that
> probably should be looked at before 1.0 is released. I followed the Qt
> 3.2b2 instructions to the letter, 

Amazing that they no longer insist you set shell variables for QTDIR and 
KDEDIR. Setting these eliminate the issues you had.

> so it's reasonable to expect that
> others will have the same trouble I did. It looks like all it would take
> is adding a line in configure to give it one more place to look for Qt
> (that being /usr/local/qt).

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