[Scribus] template issue

Yann CANTIN yann.cantin
Sun Jun 29 04:05:49 CEST 2003


>From: Paul <paulf.johnson at ukonline.co.uk>

>> Another problem : Making a document recto-verso *after* creation
> update the display nor the menu related options.
>Not quite sure what you mean here.

In scribus general preference/display, deselect side-by side, create a
new doc, don't select facing-page, make some pages, select facing-page
in document setup, select side-by side in general preference/display.
The pages are not displayed side by side.

>> Is help needed for the french translation ?
>There already is a french translation, but if you fancy a crack at
>a better one, feel free to.
Whow ! just offering some help to make the translation up-to-date for
1.0 *if needed*, i know it's already here, i use it :)

>> Mandrake 9, qt 3.0.5
>Ah. Try using qt 3.1.2 - 305 had some fun issues IIRC...
compiled last night, breake some kde app but no change for my scribus

Back to template : 
I can't select nor fill text-box created with templates like it is
describe in the tutorial. Really, i don't think it's normal...


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