[Scribus] RPM?

Paul paulf.johnson
Sat Jun 28 12:14:23 CEST 2003


> 	As a red hat user, I am having a great deal of difficulty installing
> any software that does not come pre-packaged as an RPM archive. Are
> there any versions of Scribus that come in such a package? (I've
> probably asked this very question before -- if so, I hope you will
> remind me).

There is an unofficial RPM version available, but when the magic 1.0 is
reached, an RPM version should be available from the main scribus site.

> 	Also, assuming I ever get Scribus installed, how do you add a font to
> the list of fonts available to Scribus' desktop?

Install the font as you would normally and restart Scribus - it should
be available then.

> 	Finally, which picture formats does Scribus support, both internally
> and for conversion to PDF for both print and stand-alone display?

Import supports tiff, jpg, gif [1], SVG. Once they are loaded into the
document, they are available for saving as PDF, printing and standalone

[1] this assumes that you have libjpeg, libtiff and libgif available for
Scribus to use.



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