[Scribus] Scribus and Quark

Paul paulf.johnson
Sun Jun 22 16:11:41 CEST 2003


> Scribus is  a new system and the documentation is pretty much limited to 
> describing the contents of the verious menus.  As a newcomer I need a more 
> task-oriented introduction. There seems to be some similarities to Quark. So 
> would reading books on Quark help me to understand Scribus or are the two 
> systems too dissimilar?  

Reading books on generic desktop publishing principles would be of more
use than a Quark book. That said, my "unsupported" plugin so that you
can import Quark files is stable, but still needs far more testing. I am
hoping to have it in the 1.1 release (I've been looking at the plugin
mechanism source and it will be amongst the top for re-writing!).

You could also get involved by emailing Peter Linnel (the documentation
guru) and helping him out. Scribus really is a simple package to pick


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