[Scribus] problem

Franky Van Liedekerke liedekef
Sat Jun 21 14:01:19 CEST 2003

On Sat, 21 Jun 2003 12:35:09 +0200
Franky Van Liedekerke <liedekef at pandora.be> wrote:

> compilation went fine (with the export-command I mentioned earlier), but
> opening an old document results in a crash of my xserver. Not really a
> crash, but suddenly I see an enormous amount of disk usage, which leads
> me to believe there's a memory leak of some kind, but only in the way
> scribus interacts with the x-server: running scribus on a remote pc
> resulted in the same behaviour on the remote pc.
> Killing scribus(my logging in from another pc) "fixed" my pc again,
> without any error from scribus on the command line.
> I never got that behaviour with any previous version of scribus.
> My system was reasonably up-to-date, but I'm installing the latest
> patches now and will recompile again afterwards.

I just finished installing all updates (redhat 9.0 on atlon pc), and I'
still having this problem. It doesn't happen all the time, but only
sometimes when you open a document (either existing or new), not when you
start scribus or work in a doc that has been successfully opened. I see
then that the X server starts to consume all available memory (this
rendering the system almost unusable), but killing scribus solves the
problem and brings everything back to normal. Here's the latest part of a
scribus trace:

select(6, [3 4 5], [], [], {1, 670000}) = 0 (Timeout)
gettimeofday({1056196699, 114809}, NULL) = 0
ioctl(3, FIONREAD, [0])                 = 0
select(6, [3 4 5], [], [], NULL <unfinished ...>

I hope this helps ...


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