[Scribus] seg fault once more

Bart Alberti bart
Thu Jun 19 05:16:44 CEST 2003

At 700 PM PST (USA) I downloaded and it compiled cleanly WITHOUT
any changes to scribusXML.cpp scribusview.cpp or anything mentioned in yann
CANTIN's message.
Nevertheless, I get the same
segmentation fault
QPainter:: begin: cannot set null pixmap
QPainter:: setPen etc etc

PS. I would not mind upgrading my qt libraries. I have 3.0.5 of course in
SuSE 8.1, but also some tar ball or other dumped qt-2.3.2 on me as well. If
it will help in the display I am all for it.
Bart Alberti
bart at solozone.com

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