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Alexandre Prokoudine avp
Mon Jun 16 17:41:34 CEST 2003

On Sun, 15 Jun 2003 19:49:20 +0200
Johannes Wilm <j at indymedia.no> wrote:

> As koffice (and abiword) will be switching to the OO-format and
> they need extensions for some things wouldn't make sense switching
> the scribus-format to OO as well?

Are you sure that KOffice team is switching to OOo format? :)

Actually, they just switched to zipped archive for xml-markuped
files of a document -- the way it's implemented in OpenOffice.org.

OpenOffice.org's content.xml is based on subset of XSL-FO. Scribus
has a similar print-oriented format, but there are few things in
it that make such conversion more difficult.

E.g. text is being written as argument to a tag., e.g.

<ITEXT CAB="0" CCOLOR="Black" CSIZE="8" CH="some text" CSHADE="100"
CSTYLE="0" CFONT="Nimbus Roman No9 L Medium" CEXTRA="2"/>

In the XML world it would be more appropriate to make it this way:

<texttag argument="value">some text</texttag>

There also are no xml declaration and no DTD. The last point really
makes me frustrated.

Alexandre Prokoudine
ALT Linux Documentation Team
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