[Scribus] 0.9.11 FAILURE

Bart Alberti bart
Mon Jun 16 16:46:10 CEST 2003

I cannot believe my version of qt has anything to do with the explicit
failure at
svgexplugin.cpp in function calls to Process Page and Q Value vector in the
lines around 373 to 400.
The svgplugin is confused; that is where the compile fails
I understand (correctly?) that since the plug in has been moved to the main
program the previous plug-in tar ball (which explodes to its own folder) is
not necessary since ALL the code is in the base tar ball (except
documentation, script,...)?

Bart Alberti
bart at solozone.com

PS. I am eager to get the latest qt, which I have some experience of, but
the upgrade to kde is difficult and in SuSE 8.1 the basic YAST upgrade
modules (many!) are in fact fouled and THEMSELVES require a "patch" rpm!

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