[Scribus] Problem with EPS

Pier Luigi Cinquantini petrolinux
Sun Jun 15 11:08:06 CEST 2003

Je Diman?o, la 15a de Junio 2003 05:05, Peter Linnell skribis:
> > > When I export files to EPS format, they aren't recognized by Mac or
> > > Windows. Of course yes in Linux.
> By which program ?  Illustrator ? Corel Draw ? Photoshop ?
> Are you trying to include this in another document or application ? PDF
> might be a better way. GSView 4.4 and Ghostscript 8.0 on Win2k open the
> few Scribus EPS files I have tested.

I'm making a little magazine (with Windows98, and now I began with Scribus), 
but my town's printing-works uses (of course) Mac. So, I give them my files 
in PDF. The problem is the pictures (b/w), wich can't be modified, so they 
noticed me to try to use EPS (for the files with pictures). I did, but they 
can't be read by their Mac. I tried to open with Corel Draw 7 (Win) but it 
I'm a newbie about professional printing. May be that happens in Windows 
because it hasn't got ghostscript, but why not in a Mac of a professional 
About PDF everything is all right.

Pier Luigi Cinquantini

Sometimes (last times more often) when I work on it during 5-10 minutes, it 
crashes. The tact is that I don't make anything particular. I click on the 
document and it (crashes) disappears.

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