[Scribus] a couple of "problems" in cvs

Franz Schmid Franz.Schmid
Wed Jun 11 23:51:16 CEST 2003

Subash Jeyan wrote:
> hi,
> using scribus 0.9.11cvs Build-ID: 10.June 2003 F-C-C-T. noticed a couple
> of problems.
> 1) default font always remains Times New Roman Medium Italic, even after
> one changes the settings in Edit>Preferences>General>Tools. even if one
> manually changes the settings in .scribus>scribus.rc, the default font
> settings reverts to Times New Roman Medium Italic.
Hmm, this works for me. If you want to change the Default Font for all new
Docs you must do that with no Document open. Or do you have some old .scribus.rc
file in your HOME Directory?

> 2) at present, the print preview just brings up a grey screen. one can't
> actually preview the page. but, there is a file called tmp.ps in the
> .scribus directory which was the page i was trying to preview.
Ghostscript must be installed to use the print preview.

Best Regards,
Franz Schmid

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