[Scribus] ICC Profiling software for Linux/Windows machine

Peter Linnell scribusdocs
Fri Jun 6 16:17:31 CEST 2003

On Thu, 2003-06-05 at 11:35, Christoph Schoenherr wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> Thank you very much for your detailed comments, and also for the 
> excellent littlecms docs which I had studied already and which 
> were very helpful.
> Please see the comments that I added to parts of your reply:
> > If you are using a simple inkjet, the other way is to forget
> > printer profiles stay in a RGB workflow. Keep your images in
> > RGB and use the GIMP print drivers to adjust printer output to
> > the screen. This is why the GIMP drivers were built in the
> > first place.
> My particular problem with gimp-print -- which I appreciate very 
> much indeed -- is that I'm not using OEM inks, but pigmented 
> Generations4 in a continuous ink flow system on my Epson 1270, 
> along with with non-standard papers. I've already tried playing 
> around with the adjustments in gimp-print, but didn't get good 
> results. That's why I don't see any other solutions but output 
> measuring devices.

OK, that would explain a lot..
> > > For now I'm working on a Linux-only machine. Is there a
> > > possibility to get proper printer profiles without getting
> > > into Windows?
> >
> > Almost.. Marti Maria has done a great job with littlecms. It
> > has improved greatly in the last couple of versions. I think
> > he is trying to add a printer profiler in the next version of
> > littlecms.
> Yes, the littlecms is just great! But a printer profiler would 
> still require either measuring hardware that works under Linux 
> or a Windows-built profile...

As you mentioned with non standard inks and papers a hardware solution
is needed in this situation. Unfortunately, I have done a lot of
looking, but there is no Linux compatible solution and trying a Windows
app with Wine may or may not work because of hardware issues. I would
make a guess you could get pretty close with a Windows created profile
and then fine tune with GIMP print.

> Through a reply to another posting I found out about someone who 
> uses Profile Prism and Picture Window Pro (for Windows) together 
> with WINE and gimp-print, if this might be of interest:
> http://www.salgarelli.com/technical/ldd/printing.php

Yes, I am aware of this site and added a link in the links page. 

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