[Scribus] Crash with scribus 1.0

Bill Carini crisbill
Thu Jul 31 15:35:11 CEST 2003

On Thu, Jul 31, 2003 at 12:50:44AM +0200, David Rodr?guez Garc?a wrote:
> After that, I have made a new document with a text box, and typed garbage 
> text. Cuting parts of that text make scribus segfault. Sometimes at first 
> try, others later. As before, after that segfault, making the first test 
> (inserting a txt), makes scribus segfault after several tries of cutting 
> text.

I reproduced David's segfault on about the sixth cut using the right
mouse button.

I'm using Qt 3.1.2 (which I did not compile myself).


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